Sunday, November 13, 2005

...on the line

so the bastard went to visit his mother this evening. she had her hip replaced and the bastard sees how these are the trappings of gettin gold and i find that said but to see her in good spirits and rolling about made me feel better about it. one can't spend the whole day pontificating on how we as adults are inherently unhappy with being grown up for a minute. but that's another discussion for another time. after heading back to the car with the wind in my face and enjoying it i turn the key and cued up in the player was "i hung my head" by johnny cash. the recording in question was from his last which was the when the man comes around sessions and i thought hard on the man in black. the song was beautiful in it's simplicity. all of his songs were. the crying shame these days of mass marketed crap is that something like johnny cash may never happen again. sure there will be singers. but, will they be found underneath all of the bull? the bastard don't know. i wish i was dead. i hung my head. i hung my head. god dammit, that man haunts me.

—the bastard


mofo said...

Not that anyone could replace Johnny Cash, bnut if you're looking for saome stripped down stuff, check out Jack Johnson, ex-surfer he beacme a singer songwriter, and instead of hanging your head low, some of his stuff may pick up the chin, check out "Breakdown" and "Rodeo Clowns"

bastard central said...

we will see.

bigbromofo said...


we need him to sing if i were an electrician and you were a lady...instead of if i were a carpenter....

dub plat

bastard central said...

If I were a carpenter i’d
Hammer on my piglet, i’d
Collect the seven dollars and i’d
Buy a big prosthetic forehead
And wear it on my real head

Everybody wants prosthetic
Foreheads on their real heads
Everybody wants prosthetic
Foreheads on their real heads

porchwise said...

That Cash special they had on the tube just proves no one can sing Cash like Cash. That bunch of goofballs murdered every song they tried to sing.