Wednesday, November 23, 2005

...on combinations

ok quick gastronomy lesson:

when the bastard and crew received our major award earlier this month, we went out for barbecue and the bastard got himself a big old rack of messy kansas city style (messy) ribs. to drink the bastard got himself an octoberfest brew. big mistake as it really came back to bite me on the ass later on in the day. it just didn't pair well. today, the editor took me out for lunch and we got pulled pork sammiches. the right combo was anchor steam. wonderous creation brought to us by fritz maytag. good times. well there's my thanksgiving. enjoy yours jerkface.

—the bastard


Busty LaRue said...

Hey Bastard

The proper combination for pork type products is Molson's. Higher alcohol content and you pass out before you don't feel good. Anyway, are you sure you're in "publishing", you type a lot like someone I know, who happens to work at CNN, who I would say is more an asshole than a bastard but whatever works for you, works for me. ;-)

bastard central said...

nah larue,

i work on the magazine side. no cnn for the bastard. don't know anyone who works for cnn.

the octoberfest just didn't taste good with the ribs but since the meal was on the editor's dime i didn't want to order something else. print is having a down year.