Wednesday, November 23, 2005

lights out

translated literally from german that's what it says. this poster comes to us courtesy of the boot czar. the czar, is our new new products guy and a damn good photographer who was the cover story that won us the folio award. also, bootsy sent me the bestest nastiest knife after we photogrpahed it for new products. spookiest thing i own. actually the spookiest knife the bastard owns is a klingon knife but bootsy's will actually be taken seriously in a bad situation. anyway the boot czar just came back from what i believe was a hunt in austria and he stopped by whatever passes for a museum dedicated to world war 2 over there. i think this poster might have been next to the poster that denied their involvement with holocaust. i couldn't say, and i wouldn't. ain't the bastard's place but from what i could tell there is a little bit of rug sweeping going on over there and why wouldn't they. i'd feel ashamedtoo if my country was involved in something that bad too. oh waitaminute...we were. anyway, it's good to see the boot czar is back on this side of the pond, ready for action.

—the bastard

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