Tuesday, November 22, 2005

...on delays

...or baby it's cold outside

so the bastard got to experience the bitch goddess side of the railroad in the form of delays and i realized something about my choice of attire. it's designed for quick movement so standing on a platform defeats the purpose of it. you see, i'm think in this technical mind set because the editor came back from a hunt in saskatchewan on monay. it was minus 7 degrees on a deerstand 2 hours north of sasketoon and he's up there questioning his own sanity (which could add up to some good reading material when he finally writes that book one day) before he finally nailed a 275 pound monster. anyway, the editor went up with all of this cold weather gear for the hunt and he realized that it is designed to keep you warm while moving, not standing still for 11 hours in a deer stand up in a tree. brrrrrrrrr. the bastard totally understands now. the bastard rocks a mackintosh trench coat with a liner and i walk briskly with a full head of steam down the block. being that i normally run warm, this gives my body heat a chance to escape while i exert myself so i don't break a sweat when i get to the train. nobody wants to see a sweaty bastard. so standing on the platform as the wind cuts through is a rough treatment to say the least. anyway long story short, bastard gets cold, bastard gets on train, bastard get's to the place and eats pasta and everyone is happy. except for you jerks who don't eat refined starches. go to hell.

—the bastard

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