Tuesday, November 22, 2005

x marks the spot

...or on how it wasn't a hoax
now the bastard doesn't want to spend too much more time on this because i had a funny bit of miscoordination with the dubble platinum elder this morning but more on that later. apparently this "x" business has grown legs and cnn is launching an internal investigation. it can be read at drudge but here it is because of the bastard's love that dare not speak it's name for cutting and pasting:




CNN management has launched an internal investigation into how a giant black 'X' mark appeared over Vice President Dick Cheney's face -- as he delivered a speech from Washington on Monday!

"We are taking this matter very, very seriously, and I can assure you no one at this network would ever deliberately place an 'X' over the vice president's face," a top CNN source, who asked not to be named at this time, said from New York.

A well-placed CNN insider claims a control room staffer "laughed" when the image appeared shortly after 11 am.

A careful review of the tape now shows a white colored 'X' was also transposed over Cheney's face during the speech, it appeared for less than 1/15 of a second, creating a startling flash effect.

CNN spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg emails: "We concluded this was a technological malfunction not an issue of operator error. A portion of the switcher experienced a momentary glitch. We obviously regret that it happened and are working on the equipment to ensure it is not repeated."

A rival network news director asks: "When has an 'X' ever aired on CNN before? Who had the graphic sitting in the key signal? Who generated the 'X'?"

The vice president himself is said to have brushed off the incident, a White House source said early Tuesday morning.


now i know what your saying. "bastard, this is merely just a diversion from the real facts. that cheney is the devil and he eats babies and george bush is a dummy/evil genius. and does this ché guevara shirt make me look fat, or like an iconoclast? or perhaps a sheep for pimping the head of castro's firing squad?" i don't know kids and yes you do look fat in that shirt. but, i'll say this. this is just some fucking clownshoes for all of us to have something to talk about at the dinner table this thursday. the real issue i'd rather discusss is perhaps the content of cheney's speech. or perhaps on how i think that joe biden is a bag of shit. but in the meantime the bastard would like to drink his coffee and look at forever. get to work stupid!!!

—the bastard


bastard central said...

this just in. it's just a glitch. you'd think that they'd come up with a better one than that


mofo said...

Che is popular because Castro eventually made a maytr out of him. And Cheney isn't the devil, he's the Lil' devil that appears on Bush's shoulder. Listen, the guys been pulling pentagon strings with Rumsfeld since the Nixon admin. If you think the liberal media has something to do with exploiting that then have your say, but please don't try to exonerate the man, just ask Manual Noreiga what kind of man he is. Oh, I forgot, he's still under lock and key awaiting a trail that's 15 years too late.

bastard central said...

che is popular because of a photograph taken of him over 40 years ago. nobody really looks into these people's places in istory, they just latch onto the iconography of it to be trendy. a woman i work with rocked that shirt and i asked her if she knew that che was in charge of castro's firing squad. she said no and i haven't seen it since.

i would never dream of trying to exonerate by your standards. you need to come to the same impasse i cam to with left hand rob. we don't believe each other's sources so we agree to not believe each other. makes lunchtime move alot smoother and leaves more time for jokes about cthulu. it's funny that you bring up a bag of shit like noriega, he is a poor example of an honest man to put up against cheney. maybe idi amin has something to say as well.

honestly, i think that someone fucked up or someone thought they were funny. as far as the liberal media is concerned, i can go on and on. it's not as black and white as you think. the food chain (like the road to perdition) is line with young idealists who come up from an activist collegiate system to become older well payed idealists. money sort of blurs the casual observer into thinking that someone who was once an activist when they were young and hungry have grown out of their sensibilities. tak maureen o'dowd. she's pushing 55, came into this industry a fish on a bicycle steinem feminist. puts out a book called "do we realy need men". she hasn't been married, she hasn't held down a long term relationship in her life, she has no children. in fact she has nothing that would change her way of thinking when she started college, burned her bra and started banging the dean of students to get ahead in life. now i can't say that this is true but, then again i also can't "see" how her convictions would have changed any bit. my industry is riddled with such young go getters whose careers prevent them from ever growing up and getting a grip on shit. so that's just a piece of it. i don't need any book by bernard goldberg to convince me that i work in a liberally biased industry. and until you walk a mile in my industry's shoes, you can't tell me otherwise

Rob S. said...

See, I might agree with you that the majority of people that work in the trenches of our industry (well, publishing) are liberal. The thing is, I don't think that means much at all. Take me, for instance -- I'm pretty damn liberal and am still hawking guns in every issue.

It doesn't matter how many liberals you stuff into the machine -- it's a conservative machine, built to do two things: sell product and preserve the status quo. No matter whether a conservative or a liberal's got his finger on the button, that's the way our sausage gets spiced.

bastard central said...

well our little corner of the industry is a bit of an anomally quite frankly. i'm really relating to some talk from someone i know who's way further to the right than me who freelances for a men's something or other magazine (can't remember if it's healthm fitness, or journal). i'm just implying that our line of work is peppered with a lot of young folks who espouse a more liberal ideology that coincides with their age group and winston churchill's thoughts on how the young are liberal... and should be lest they have no heart.

i really can't 100 percent agree with you on your scond point. true a guy like rupert murdoch is more conservative than say, howell raines. but just because "rich fat cats" run media empires doesn't make them conservative. dan rather doesn't strike me as a conservative but then again he's not in charge but he is a face. ida know.

as for sausage, now i have a craving for jambalaya........spicey and liberal. mmmmmmmmmm.