Tuesday, November 29, 2005

...on masters

...or perhaps on commanders

last night the bastard had time to kill after dinner and monday television is a desert when you don't have cable. but then again, if i recall monday night WITH cable is a desert. or is it desssert? mmmmmmmmm. anyway, i was watching master and commander instead and i forgot how it is one of the best/most claustrophobic films ever. it also happens to be a brilliant movie about friendship. also, it made me wonder if they actually filmed the galapagos island scene on the islands themselves and if that was the case then, i have to get down there to look at monster sized tortoises. oh yeah and i'll have to sink a french frigate while i'm at it. ARR!

—the bastard


jimmy3000 said...

Parts were filmed in the Galapagos; some in Monster Island (a brief scene in the internationally disputed Munster/Camembert Islands) parts were filmed on Mysterious Island until Herbert Lom threatened to do something mysterious and nautically naughty, a scene that did not make it past the censorship board was shot in the Cherry Grove section of Fire Island, the crew was also pelted with cheeseburgers by a loin cloth donned Marlin Brando on the Island of Dr. Moreau. Most of the interior shots were done in John's mom's basement, while he played the solo to Crazy Train on his Hondo-V and smoked weed in the laundry room after she went to work.
Smoke up Johnny!

bastard central said...

thank you mr bender.

you know i had heard a rumor that they did have to retouch a fight between king ghidra and mecha godzilla that was happening while the doctor was measuring tortoise heads which is the actual reason why the kid lost his arm when jet jaguar stepped in to break it up and accidentally knocked megalon onto the poor boy's arm. it was awful. but i just thought it was a rumor or a fever dream i had while smoking opium. opium, the pause that refreshes