Monday, November 28, 2005

all my ghosts

...or on how maybe you can go home again

about a week or so ago, the bastard was standing on the platform staring out into space when his peripherals went off. i was standing too close to the yellow line while folks were trying to pass on a narrow span overlooking springfield blvd when what should appear to me but a ghost. sure, he looked older, still a little round in the middle, just like how i remember him when i met him 26 or so years ago when i used to shun the dub's friends or rather they shunned me and i only played with hyson and yvan. you form your own petty little fiefdoms when you're a kid and you exclude and include as your pathetic grasp of reason lets you. anyway, the bastard said, "looks like 'em, but no one's here anymore. their all gone. gone to the four winds. besides, why the hell would he acknowledge an old bastard such as myself." and the bastard resumed his staring contest with the wind, hoping like hell that it gets better.

tonight, the bastard decided to spend his gift certificate for the container store. apparently, i need containers. as the basement fills up with the bare necessities, i need something to put some of it into something. so i make my way to the platform bumping the unwieldly thing into people excusing myself like never before. this time i was the offending idiot and i took full responsibility. i can't find a good spot so i keep rolling down the track until i get my spot. and what should my eyes see but, there he is again. the ghost of mr. october. right there in front of me and i take in a good look. damn straight it's him. he looks like a man fulfilled. he's talking to his guys and one gets off at jamaica and seats clear off and mr. october and remaining friend sit down, i opt to join them. as i sit i ask him and before i can get past, "aren't you...", he asks, "are you the bastard?" damn, i had a laugh, face to face with this ghost from my past. this kid i used to play football on the corner with. his brother is in the service in virginia, his sister moved to san antonio and he moved around the corner. i knew his parents house was for sale but, i never in a million years thought anyone would still be in this place i spent so much of my time trying to get out of. mr. october felt that if this neighborhood was good enough to raise him, then this neighborhood is good enough for him and his wife to grow old in. made the bastard feel like it's going to be okay. because you can come home again.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...


who is mr. october. you get too vague sometimes. who do we know that has 1 sister and 1 brother? sweet lou and pete best from 222. is it the isenia gang? Mr. Met Cono is an IBEW man. the heimer has no sisters and neither does what the chuck's lover Klaus Meine and teh scorpions. unless you talk about Deniro's house in Goodfellas. you need to have more than just mr. october as a clue.

Dub Plat and the union gap

bastard central said...

i think the deniros are gone. i was looking at danny cadillac's house this morning and wonderred how he turned out. i only know he went bald befor ehis time. rocked a comb over before he turned 30.

bigbromofo said...

danny six head

dub plat

bastard central said...

danny six. you know, the nice lady one time made fun of all of the already existing nick names of some of the local toughs that used to hang around matty aces. like danny bats for instance. don't ask, he was no one you knew but you can see where the bastard is going with the naming convention


bigbromofo said...

actually tha tis funny tha tyou said danny bats because six head got a bat to the nose from mr. unccoordinated, brian lemongello. so he could also have that nickname.

bastard central said...

danny bats belongs to someone else for his use of said object