Monday, November 28, 2005

...on sleep

...or perchance to dream

i think the bastard is going to have to start hitting himself with a mallet on sunday nights, i'm finding it impossible to get to bed on sunday nights for some reason.

...or on all tomorrow's parties

also, i keep forgetting to mention this. the bastard has noticed since his commute takes him east on 33rd street, he keeps coming across 22 east 33rd street. it is being demolished right now, no doubt to make room for more unaffordable housing in the area but it used to be andy warhol's last "factory" before he died. it makes the bastard wonder what will be left for the aliens when they come 10,000 years from now to see what kind of society existed on this rock only to find alot of duane reed drug stores and gaps.

...or on a ritual

on a sad note, left hand rob reports that pat morita has passed away. all though i actually have seen all of the karate kid movies (even the awful one with hillary swank) i will always remember him as arnold. the nice lady however might well raise a glass of tang to his memory.

—the bastard

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