Thursday, December 08, 2005

my evil is strong

My funny valentine, I don't find you funny
Seaside is sunny, the fame, the money
Who am I to say
So you don't even wanna be
a... No, I can't say it, my mouth is like a...
Bitter sweet and twisted
deceitful like Im gifted
Even got God scared, even got God scared
Men and the things we did
Making children strong enough to take a life
But are you strong enough to take care of one?
I'm a pray on it, stay in it, stay on it
I'm a work on it, pray on it, stay in it
I'm a work on it, pray on it ( stay in it )


left hand rob was getting a good laugh about full head when we started hashing out the magic that is penn station at this time of year. the station bulks up. with people from out of town. with people here on business with suitcases. with people just wearing bulky jackets. it's just harder to do the dance that is dodging people. rob spoke of a man he wished ill on who when wishing hard enough came to pass. the bastard followed up with his desire to full on take some poor suburbanite down to the gorund and put the boot to him. upon much discussion the bastard concluded that this would add up to jail time and rob just retorted, "enjoy your last few days of freedom bastard"

i'm a work on it, pray on it stay in it.

—the bastard...even got god scared

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