Saturday, December 31, 2005

...on exits

...or on entrances

you know the bastard always remembers this episode of mash in which it begins on new years eve 1951 with harry morgan dressed as father time welcoming in 1952 in the hopes that it wil be a damn sight better than 1951. at the end of the episode, we see harry morgan dressed as father time welcoming in 1953 and hoping it wil be a damn sight better than 1952. this is how the bastard feels right about this time every year. 2005 was not really good to the bastard and i think i didn't enjoy 2004 too much. in 2004 stuff started to unravel and as the year turned over i hoped that 2005 would be better. didn't quite work out so much that way. oh well, there's always next year. don't get the bastard wrong, he's in a better place than he was a short time ago but, it's always an easier job to lambast the past year. it won't fight back and it's a hell of alot easier than saying how great shit was in the previous year. besides, we live in an age in which reporting the bad news is so much more profitiable than reporting the good news. i think the last time the bastard has seen good news on the front page is when a local team wins the world series (congrats on the sox winning this year chicago jerkface, it's good to see someone new winning that grief). so here on the eve of the end of all things 2005, let's raise our glasses to the year 2006, may she be a damn sight better than the last one.

—the bastard

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