Saturday, December 31, 2005

...on last licks

the bastard was getting ready to wind down 2005 when he noticed that left hand rob had posted a link to a column by my favorite batshit crazy new york times columnist, paul krugman, and it got me to thinking about his offer. you see rob and i are on opposite sides of the political spectrum but we have mutual agreement to not believe each other's sources. actually, it makes for a good deal. i dn't believe him and he doesn't believe me. but i also don't believe anything paul krugman says. i mean come on, he has his own crew of conservative "fans" who fact check his "lies" (and i put that in quotes because that's the fair thing to do) and report back to you on what he is or isn't telling you. anyway. rob and i are working out a deal where i am going to read a left wing blog for a week and he's going to read a right wing one and we're going to report on our mutual disbeief. we just haven't decided how to work that one out yet. anyway, until then, here's frontpage magazine's The Top 10 Stories (and Non-Stories) of 2005 to counter the krugman column. i would insert some manner of fair and balanced or we report you decide horsehit but, we should leave marketing to the marketers. enjoy. and happy new year lobster.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Happy New Year, bastard! Maybe we should do the switcheroo thing the week before SHOT show -- my Angola book will be done by then and it'll make our drunken conversations more interesting (and make us both even more insufferable to our coworkers!).

But definitely, here's to 2006.

bastard central said...

i had no idea that the bastard was an insufferable drunk. thanks rob. now the bastard needs to go off and cry somewhere.

bigbromofo said...

is that Ben Johnson of teh 16th century, english poet who was a rival to Christopher Macklowe?

dub plat

bigbromofo said...

i meant marlowe

dubious platius

bastard central said...

the coffee hasn't really kicked in yet but......what?

bigbromofo said...

the link of the right wing guy ....his name is ben johnson....same name as poet of 16th century english lit, or canadian sprinter banned from track and field due to steroids.

just trying to use my public school education