Tuesday, December 20, 2005

....on the strike

...and on falling

let me preface the bastard's opinion on the transit strike with a little bit about myself. the bastard works in publishing. it's not a union job. and of the few union jobs in publishing, there is NO job security like there is in a city job. the bastard will not receive a pension in 20 years of service. the bastard will also not receive an 8 percent raise this year or a 5 percent raise this year. in fact, the last time the bastard saw a 5 percent raise, it was the 90's and the stock market was good. and for a moment, the bastard felt a little bit of sympathy for the transit workers because they work hard at fixing track and junk like that. not so. you see, my father the shrink has been working for a city agency for upwards of 25 years and he knows things. things like that track work is contracted out. so what does that leave the transit workers doing aside from selling metrocards and driving trains and buses? so what the bastard is saying is, i don't see changing the retirement age for transit workers as too big a deal. if anyone's got some insight for me that doesn't sound like bullshit afl/cio unionist dogma, please enlighten me.

anyway, the bastard had it smooth today. nice and smooth. i had to bring extra cargo and i expected asses and elbows all the way to penn and it didn't happen. i had space in front of me and space next to me and as i was on the cusp of sleep, some fran drescher sounding girl decided to document her plight in her best long giland accent preventing the bastard from entering dreamland for the ride. "it was soooooo crowwwwwwdud. it's sooooooooo annoooooyyyyyging." so rather than bash fran in the skull, the bastard takes refuge inside the ipod. can't sleep but at least ray davies will catch me now, i'm falling.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

did Fran have her leopard print spikes and fur trimmed mini on?


bastard central said...

nah, it was more of a knappy blond hair with powder blue jacket. it was all aboot the vox.


Claudia said...

Why is it that women love bastartds sooo much?

Great blog, very funny!

bastard central said...

well actually claudia the bastard has done extensive research on the subject and i have discovered that it is purely a scientific anomally that we are just plain lovable. oh and evil. very very evil but it puts food on the table


bigbromofo said...


a bit of knowledge from the ibew. the domino affect is the possibility. have you noticed that the city has dragged their feet until near the end to negoitaiute with the teachers, FD nad PD? it is a way to prolong a anxiuos porcess in teh hopes that the workers captitulate to certain demands. if teh TA accepts another tier, then everyone will have to accept anpther tier at the next round. whover gives in makes it harder for the next group. remember that bunson hoenydew is teh dreaded tier one retireree. they want a fifth tier. it is all about economic feasibility. everyboidy that is bunson's age will retire with greqat benefits but no money to pay othem if tehy live past 79 or so. making the youngings pay more into the system of get less at the beginning is the accounting way of leveling the field.

dub plat Local Union #3 IBEW

bastard central said...

tactics are tactics. both sides use them. thanks for clearing that up in the most dogma free manner. the shrink said things about it and i wanted to see if there was more to say on the matter. i still have very little sympathy for them at this point. most of the city i think, feels similarly. don't matter now. strike is ovuh

bigbromofo said...

i live next door to a TWU man and they are treated like shit for minor infractions. If your boss told you im sorry you have diarrhea but you get only 5 minutes or I right you uyp for excessive bathroom use, how would you feel. it is more of a race / class thing between whitey boss and brother union.

Dub plat

bastard central said...

while i sympathize with the whole bathroom break thing i have to call poppycock on the rest. there is a popular myth that the rich are somewhere meeting in a dark room wringing their hands trying to figure out how they can screw the poor. that just isn't how it is.

bigbromofo said...

actually that is what is happening. wring, wring, wring.

and the jews run the banking industry

bastard central said...

riiiiiiight dub. i think you're drinking the wrong kool aid