Saturday, December 17, 2005

whole hog....

...or bacon

now dig if you will this christmas display. now the bastard isn't much for christmas displays. hell, the bastard isn't much into christmas this year. but this is all sorts of pitiful. maybe it's minimalist. or more closer to the point, maybe it's half assed. it's just this light up santa who looks like he's been dieting and i just can't have that. if your going to do a display, you gotta go whole hog.

now dig if you will this painting of pope innocent the tenth painted after a painting by velasquez. now the bastard isn't trying to pull out the saturday afternoon art lesson but, i immediately thought of this painting while looking at this guys chrsitmas display and i figured it out. next christmas, the bastard will find the exact same santa claus display as this house and i will purchase two sides of beef to hang on either side of it. this way i will have the only christmas display dedicated to francis bacon in town. in fact i think i might just purchase the sides of beef and donate it to these folks. well there you go, the bastard's background in fine art comes and rips out your heart and show it to you just before you die. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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