Saturday, January 21, 2006

...on a clean sweep

so the bastard went out for an afternoon flick thanks to the good graces of chicago jerkface and his lady. now i feel bad calling him jerkface for inviting me out to lunch and a movie. but then again, he was the first person to coin the phrase "jerkface" when he was freelancing for the magazine before he was hired. either way, the name sticks and i got some cheap as hell but tasty steak frites for lunch as well as a weird french film called "cache" by filmmaker michael haneke. it's about this tv host names georges who keeps getting a series of innocuous video tapes of himself and his family. no violence is threatened upon him so, the police won't do anything to help him so, he gradually feels more and more threatened as the tapes become more personal. by the end, the film left me wanting more closure but, it felt good to be able to draw my own conclusions instead of having them spoon fed to the bastard by hollywood. either way, it was a brilliant way for me to spend the afternoon and it was nice to go back to a part of new york that i used to go to in order to make fun of pretensious hipsters only yo find that i can still go back there and make fun of them. good times.

after the film, i get back on the train to head back to the craptastic borough i call home. tonight's selection was the f train and the bastard settles back into the mode of transportation that he likes better because despite it's currently voted down contract, it is still the bastard's preferred means of getting around, hands down. most of the while, i just sit there minding my own business zoning out, took a little catnap while we rode under the river and eventually, we pull into roosevelt avenue and i decide to compose myself. when onto the car walks this young guy who is well dressed. aside from his patchwork leather coat being a throwback to the early days of hiphop, he was well dressed in a crisp white shirt and slacks carrying a broom in his hand. this kid walks to the head of the car and proceeds to start sweeping the car. people life their feet up as he goes under their seat and he just quietly sweeps his way across the car. the bastard pulls into continental to go back to the ride and i take a quick glance back to see if i hadn't actually stumbled from a french film into a fellini film. you know, to see if i actually saw some young guy sweep out a subway car in his sunday best and lo and behold, there he was sweeping it right out of the car and onto the platform. i don't know if you're crazy or what kid but good for you setting the better example. and good for me not being nuts. that's all the bastard needs is to have some dwarves and circus performers coming out of the car with him. but then again, i didn't look back after that so who knows?

the bastard


Rob S. said...

Sweep, o spirit of the subway! Whisk, ye apparition!

bastard central said...

plus the spirit kicks it old school in that jacket