Sunday, January 22, 2006

the trail

...or the nice lady checks in

so the nice lady phones me last night and we get to talking about her day in the grand canyon state. allthough yesterday chicago jerkface asked where she was and when i said arizona, he thought i said arkansas. i said, "no jerkface, arizona. the other "A" state. so the bastard is now going to officially petition the state of arizona to change it's state motto from the "grand canyaon state" to "the other "A" state". don't thank me all at once arizona. it's okay. you can have that one. really. go on. take it.

anyway, the nice lady was describing a "trail" she was hiking yesterday in the sonora desert. nice lady described it as, "not so much a trail, so much as a pile of rocks and cactus. here, i'll show you". and now i show you, mostly because it's a damn good looking picture but also, because it's nice to see warmer parts of the country during the winter. enjoy. go on. enjoy. ahhhhhhh forget it.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

What about Alaska and Alabama, huh? "The other other A state" and "the A state everyone forgets?"

bastard central said...

now listen to me lobster,

that would be the really cold "A" state and the "A" state that no one wants to remember. it's all elementary. a handless mutant retard can figure this out. surely you can.