Friday, January 06, 2006

year of the bastard

...or on living at work

you know, the bastard always says alot of things especially when he's tired or depressed (this case tired) that he's going to stop posting for a little while. that it's really busy or how he just can't go on anymore (once again, tired) and i'm going to stop until...wel, you get the idea. inevitably i post the non post and then the material just keeps on coming. i also wanted to throw down some kind of post new years post but i didn't really get any pitchers while i was out that night so, back off!

the bastard is in the throes of tough times. we ship a current issue and 4 days worth of pre-built dailies for a gun show i am going to in las vegas. this amounts to trafficking 40 plus regualr pages plus around 25 per day of the show. not to mention prep work and the like. but this totals over 100 hundred pages for the bastard to traffic in the expanse of 2 business weeks and gin can only take the bastard so far. so it's long nights and long days for a bit. but it will all pay off when i start posting the first mullets of the gun show about a week from now next month. it will all be worth it. now go to hell.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

You'll be blogging from le gun show? An interesting proposition, sir.

bastard central said...

oh ah caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. and ah will