Saturday, February 11, 2006

all hat, no cattle

well by the time we got to day three, the bastard realized that he's seen more than his fair share of mullets and decided to move on to hats. we're out west, so there's no shortage of them.

but eventually, you can't just play it straight. it get's goofy and i gotta run it that way. i'm already back in nyc but i decided to run this as it came out. the bastard is tired and jet lagged and it'll take days before it all gets sorted out but in the meantime here ya go.

i saw this one while the bastard was getting lunch today and when i saw her again on from the booth, i knew i had received a sign from above to get this one out. do you think she shoots at things through her rose colored glasses?

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

looks like grandma ran over a reindeer. did you mention that florida was 2000 miles east and she might have boarded the wrong greyhound.

du plat

bastard central said...

look if this is the great material you were talking about, i'll have to hold you suspect

bigbromofo said...

it is great material. have one of your brain cell solar systems attacke me but i gave some witter banter to all of the blogs. it helps the dynamic. escpecailly since tehre are only 3 to 5 of us reading these things anyway.

dub plat naut