Saturday, February 11, 2006

this just in...

...jonny airplanes is an american hero

so jonny airplanes came with the bastard out to LV. he wanted to see the big show and circumstances allowed him to do so. with all intentions of swag gathering, jonny, went down to the floor and did all right. my only stipulation was that he take some pictures now and again for me. so he's go from booth to booth and start off with "jonny airplanes, us coast guard (because he is)". he'd follow up with "my son and i do alot of camping (which they do)" and then he'd ask if they had anything new. then he would either get some kind of trinket or maybe something better. this worked out nicely until he met up with ted nugent (which i asked him to go).

"jonny airplanes, u.s. coast guard" belts jon out the gate.

"are you really in the coast guard?", replies the nuge.

"yes i am. in the reserves."

"well thank you. you guys are the real heroes out there. you're a hero. thanks."

jon thanked him back and went on his way. i always knew that ted nugent was nuts.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

why didnt ted gut him for the venison or cut off his us coast guard tattoo. intensities in one city for ted. gonzo lives.

your man should have asked ted if he still has cat scratch fever or if he just needs more cowbell.

dub wango tango plat

jonny airplanes said...

That's right I'm a hero.

bigbromofo said...

i did not say you were not a hero. i was concerned that ted's extra tooth might have given you a purple heart if he turned to quickly on you.