Sunday, February 12, 2006

day 3 mullets

no captions.

just mullets. bastard tired.

well, actually, this guy looks alot like either tony iommi or carmine appice. you decide, shiteyes.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

carmine appice...tony has more gray and an almost fro like quality to his hair. besides this guys fingertips are real and the pen is in his right hand. iommi is a lefty.

mofo might say it is zappa's gun toating ghost or cousin.

dub plat volume 4

bastard central said...

super naut/nut,

now i'm kind of inclined towards zappa. why are you holding your pickle?


bigbromofo said...

i want some titties and i want some beer so you bring her back devil, do you hear?

either that or he looks like greg brady doing johnny bravo or even better mike brady during his haight asbury period before he met carol.

I like that new nickname. i shall use that instead of dub plat


bastard central said...

do whatcha do super nut

bigbromofo said...

say whatcha wanna say bastard. i'm just offering opinions to keep the blog going.

supernaut / dub plat

bastard central said...

like i commented earlier