Saturday, February 25, 2006

...on the filth

...and the fury

...or how the bastard is proud of his idols

the bastard is so happy. not just happy because i had some high tech bbq for dinner with some pleasant company. not just happy that he can go to a bar and throw back a gin and tonic while "rudy can't fail" was playing on the jukebox (i secretly pogoed to myself for a sec). i'm happy because john lydon answerred me. rather he didn't answer the bastard directly, more like he lived up to my expectations.

OK QUICK BACKGROUND: the bastard woke up one morning in his teen years and forsook everything he had listened too up until that point. finding the music that he had listened to up until that moment just pointless. void of meaning. this was roughly after ...and justice for all by metallica came out and i had been listening to a lot of punk. i decided that everything else had no real value and i focused on it. punk was pure (i was young), it was raw (i was stupid), and it made me feel like it could enact more change than anything coming out of L.A at the time (i was idealistic). now the official bastard works fact checker that is my darling elder brother will remind me that it went down different, and he will no doubt be right. but, the bastard is a romantic. a spitting and cussing romantic that wants to be in love with the world again but he'll settle for romanticizing the past. you'll never get it back anyway, so why not polish it from time to time so that it looks all perty?

anyway, late last year the sex pistols were nominated into the rock and roll hall of fame and i pontificated on that as well then. i had wonderred what would this man, john lydon, who i idolized as a teenager do with this newfound faux recognition from his "peers". he spat on it. here's the note:

you know, people find that when you get older, you get more and more disillusioned by the things that you believe in as they get exposed to the elements. age breeds apathy for the things you once held dear. i know alot of what i was is a load of crap these days and i'm wiser for it. but for a chance one little thing wasn't and tonight i'm happy for it. thanks lydon. thanks for reminding an old bastard that the kid he used to be believed in the right shit. goodnight.

_the bastard


Rob S. said...

When I heard about this, I can't tell you how wide it made me smile. Perfect.

bigbromofo said...


there are not enough hours in teh day to prpeare for the fact checking that you have already conceded is slightly embellished.

music has sucked since 89 or 90 except for some of the sounds from our friends in the northwest up until 93.

if you became punk at some point you did not show the punk side. you stayed johnny bravo heavy metal with teh fringe leather jacket and the anti punk long hair. your cd / tape collection may have expanded but the wardrobe did not. dont romanticize too much.

big bro mofo
dub plat
super naut
fact checker

bastard central said...

the bastard romanticizes what he chooses to. so there, shiteyes.

mofo said...

I always preferred the Clash.

bastard central said...

musically i do as well but, th epistols was more of a living embodiment of unbridled rage at the establishment. anger at class warfare, and completely uncompromising and above all else less willing to go and accept that fake ass award than mick jones will be when he speaks for joe strummer postumously one of these days.

bigbromofo said...

wax on wax off poetically then bastard. if things lose their glimmer as you get older it is more of a case of realizing that all of that energy spent during our younger years was for naught.

check out the scene with ned beatty in network when he tells peter finch how things really go.

if every teen knew that info there would be no need to rebel and follow mr. lydon. everyone would just fall back in line.

the lost shine on some of our ideals are due to this realization that we all just have to get back in line.

rememeber easy rider. you cant tell people that they are not free, but show them freedom and they get scared.

dub plat

bastard central said...

i'm so sorry that you just seem a little deader inside my dear

bastard central said...

then again robbo, you've been dead inside for years. the bastard has as well but he fills the void with gin.

robbo said...

screw johnny rotten. I'm with bigbromofo on this one. I can't stand that fake rebel sneer and that fuck the establishment pose of his. it's so played out and pathetic at his age. just go to the awards you cocksucker.

obviously I haven't had my breakfast yet.

bigbromofo said...

a sausage and egg sammich would tide all of us over and the pistols too.

he should go to teh awards and make teh sensor button guy work a little OT and have the blurry picture guy stay on his middle finger and crotch while he gives the non-acceptance speech.

ozzy and the boys are of course thrilled to be in finally. ozzy will just curse because that is all he can do and then tehy will break out into wheels of confusion, sabbath bloody sabbath and children of teh grave. no iron man or paranoid. we have heard those enough. we may even get some dirty women or symptom of the universe.

by the way bastard JP would never act like this nor would your boys in IM.

super naut

bastard central said...

i save IM for special occasions, shiteyes.

mofo said...

This is why I prefer the Clash

Anyway, Mick Jones is a faggot, just compare a Big Audio Dynamiote album to Joe Strummer solo record and then you know why the Clash was the Clash. "X-ray Style" maybe one of the great walk into the sunset songs in the history of the world.

I miss Joe.

bigbromofo said...

why not drive into the sunset. if you have that song e mail it to me so i can hear it.

dub plat