Tuesday, February 14, 2006

this just in...

batman will be going after bin laden. that is all.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

Is Alfred getting the batcamel ready down in the lair?

Does the bust of shakespeare become a bust of Mohamed and both bruce and dick lift his turban to open up the bookcase to get to teh batcamel?

Stay tuned. same bat time same bat channel.

I guess he will be wearing a bat burka so he can blend in with the crowd at the hajj.

dub bat

bastard central said...

i think i lost control and punched you

mofo said...

Well, it's about goddamned time batman gets in on this, I mean sheesh, we've just been putting out the bat signal for 4 years, oh, no, that was them blue lights.

More on my disapeering act when i have more time.

And when did plat, become bat, is it because pitchers and catchers starts this week?

bastard central said...

ladies and gentlemen, i give you the prodigal blogger. dead fatted calf to follow

—the bastard

bigbromofo said...

it was just bat for the obvious reference to the item on the blog. if you would read earlier snippets, it has become supernaut or dub plat depending on the issue

supernaut / dub plat

bigbromofo said...

hey mofo

glad to see that the nickster let you use the keyboard this month. tell ahab that you need your own computer so we can bathe in your cantankerous candor more often then twice a millenium.

super plat

bastard central said...

first off, it's ahab and ahab's daughter fickle one. gawd! you need to stick to the naming convention. and your pestering of the mofo is wearing thin. fuh fuh fuh, i guess ahab's daughter is letting you use the keyboard. i guess ahab's daughter is letting you use the keyboard. fuh fuh fuh. for christ sake look at his hand! he sliced it with an authentic hatori hanzo sword. i sentence you to have to watch napoleon dynamite 20 times back to back while changing diapers....gawd

bigbromofo said...

i did not know that using the same joke twice at differenet posts was cause for such consternation. mofo did not have his hand sliced a few days ago when he made the original post. relax or i will sentence you to a lifetime in mein zimmer kampf listening to bunson honeydew wake you up every morning.

please forward the name convention to my normal e mail so i can you use the proper code names when discussing people without the NSA going after them.

bastard central said...

oh bullocks to you. this shit is mah world. you just a squirrel tryin to get a nut.

blog widdout me is liek cornflakes widdout the milk