Wednesday, February 15, 2006

overtexted at the shot show

the bastard is a technology wonk. he follows it and pays attention to things. knowing about old tech and relating it to new tech comes in handy in conversations with publishing directors as it did for me over the shot show. for a long time now, the bastard has rather liked the idea of the cell phone text message. i read a piece about it in wired back in 19 diggity eight in which in japan people text each other on the train so as to not violate their fellow passengers personal spaces. nothing like the fucking jack ass i had to endure in in barnes and noble the other day using speaker phone to make bar plans with his other middle aged friend in the magazine aisle. screw you, old ass digerati man. you need to text that grizz-ief. anyway, i also favor texting as a productivity tool. however, it never quite works out that way.

some of you might have heard about a little blog called overheard in ny. if not, RUN don't walk over to read it. it's pretty damn funny. anyway not one to not give props out when an idea comes to mind, willy dub originally came up with the idea of doing an overheard at the shot show thing for the magazine's blog. don't know if he got enough brokeback mountain related stuff for it, so i don't know if he ran it. scoop on the other hand, came up with the idea again and i thought of text messaging. so here goes. (oh and nothing is corrected, these people are editors, you know).

—come to light we have bottlez a bodygjurd and girlz
1:41am 0210

—me g0 party now!
10:45pm 0211

—i just went in the wrong room
5:25am 0212

—don't fear the reaper
5:30am 0212

—i go fear people now
5:38am 0212

—i go die now
no time stamp no date.

— RE: you go die later. now, you go shower.
no time stamp no date either. but, this was probably most mornings.

—the bastard

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