Friday, February 17, 2006

Is it cool?

See, here's the deal on the text message; while I feel it is a great way to communicate with people without having to actually speak to them, which is always bonus, it doesn't account for sarcasm, which along with bullshit I have long been a master and guru to the stars. Another disadvantage is throwing out references. This morning the bastard (aka 007 of the bastard 11) mis-messaged me a query on some work he sent some other wandering soul. Within the message was the phrase, Is it cool?" After clearing up the mistake I sent him back a message, "is it cool?" in reference to something from a TV show or movie, him and I used to find hilarious. However, I can't remember from where it originated. I don't think the bastard (aka superman bastard) got it. Not his fault, and I wasn't about to spend the next hour and a half texting the why, where and how of what it meant especially when i couldn't remember where it came from.

I'm collecting scrap wire from jobs to trade it in for extra cash like a fucking crackhead, I gotta get out of here, chinga!

I know all five of you who read this account miss my "cantakerous" rants against our conservative friends on the hill and in da house, and i would say something reagrading their recent and not so recent fiobles, but they 've said it all for me. You can say they have shot each other in the face-I mean-foot. And by the way, I love to say I told you so, and i fucking told you so.

the m@#$%?^*&$#@!g mofo


bastard central said...

welcome back to the ether, shiteyes.

now to clarify, i did get it, it was paul rodriguez, it was about pot.

i find that the best way to smoke crackis to find a parked motorcycle and break off the spark plug. it will make a great pipe fit for smoking rocks. you realize that if you really were a crackhead, you could totally win on fear factor.

the cheney thing is weird because apparently, according to my cohorts at the magazine, folks get peppered with shot all the time (really all the time). not necessarilly shot in the face but you shoot some bird in the field and someone does the same thing 50-100 yards back you might be getting some of that. more importantly though, i hear that dick is fitting hillarey for a quail shaped hat to go on woodland hikes this season.

—the bastard

mofo said...

I actually feel bad for the guy, It was just easy target practice, I was more refering to everything else him and the boys have had a tough time covering up. No republican p[residency should last more than a term at a time, they always start to get full of themselves and then slip up and go on a three month bender when they really should be covering their tracks.
And it occurred to me, the reason why liberals are such cry babies is because when they lose they feel as though they have been cheated, and the reasons conservatives are so smug is that when they lose they figure what the hell they've been cheating so long it was bound to end sometime.

mofo said...

Oh, and by the way thanks for remembering PR, It would have killed me, I've been saying it to my self for the last 24 hours trying to figure it out.

And have you gone through to the Chewbacca blog, it gets old after a while but I do believe that Randy "Macho Man" Savage will "kick the shit out of your fuck!"
There is a link in the Hulk's diary

bastard central said...

no prob. that's what the other 90 percent is for, remembering dumb stuff.

went to the chewbacca blog. it's totally one trick pony but that first trip is magical. especially the chewbacca/nick nolte mug shot

bastard central said...

wow and i always thought it was that liberals cry is because they are irrational babies that coincidentally want us all to live in a maoist utopia and conservative smugness came with a frequency of actually being right all the time. inflated ego and all that.

the whole cheney thing smacked of fish in barrel. i heard leno got some great material out of it. cheney should shoot someone every sweeps month

mofo said...

I see they still have you under mind control. Welcome to the machine.

bastard central said...

sure mo,

and i'm sure if howard zinn told you that coffee was a vast right wing conspiracy you'd switch to tea.

mofo said...

Howard Zinn! I inform my own opinions through thoughful observation, and if you ever read his book you would come to find that it is an indictment on government, not political affiliation, so you can that shit about Zinn or the Times or any other media you believe to brainwashing me. The only thing that has me brainwashed is starbucks, you could tell me that you have undeniable proof that starbucks is using llama urine in their coffees and it wouldn't make a lick of difference.

You know---the llama!

bastard central said...

who am i a mortal man to match wits with...the llama?

bigbromofo said...


the nickster must be on vacation. you have posted a few times over this weekend. congrats.

who is howard zinn? is that invader zim's brother in law?

mongo madness 2006! soon you will be taking plumbers pipe like they did on HBO's the corner with the guy who played the black genie years back on a sitcom that lasted 8 hours.

just make sure that ahab gets his cut or you will both be out of business.

the big money is in commercial work and the 500MCM, not the 12/2 bx your stringing.

again both you and bastard reference things that fly past me. what is teh llama? please help the poor souls hat just go to work each day and dont have time to read thousands of novels a day and visit a gazillion website for witty banter .

super plat

bastard central said...

the llama came to rise one night when dean thrilla spoke in tongues. he probably could have gotten some commandments out of the llama too if fred klang wasn't calling a live phone sex line proclaiming, "now i'm a dog". oh well so much for enlightenment