Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This just in...

This guy is a dick.

Anyone who makes life difficult for others for no other reason than to make life easier for themselves is a dick.

Welcome to the club, cockbone.



bigbromofo said...


i hate to say this but there are more people out there that look to make things diffcult for others to ease their workload. in fact there are only about 6 people throughout this planet that actually perform their job no matter the diffculty and do not make other peoples jobs difficult.

welcome to the world mofo

super naut

bigbromofo said...

looking at the situation it is hard to determine what he is doing to make your life difficult. is he backhoeing the dirt in front of the bulding so it sinks into the ground? is that the only entrance/ exit (OSHA problem)? or is his machine drowning out the coltrane you have playing on the radio? is it his color shirt that offends you, etc?

help us help you

dub plat

mofo said...

Are you retarded?

bigbromofo said...

no i am not retarded. i was asking a question about the picture in question and the reasoning for citing someone as a dick.


bigbromofo said...

no answer mofo?

bastard central said...

i think we're a little too far down the pike here on this one. and if anyone's going to do the bear baiting here it's me.