Monday, February 20, 2006

...on truth

...and preferring fiction

ok, the bastard is suffering from post party let down. i get this all the time after a long slog. after shipping the magazine, he crumples and tries to get used to a normal pace. moves on. then we reap the whirlwind again. it's usually worse after shipping the dailies before the gun show. everything begins to move fast, scoop starts to get worried, we ride it out and then...nothing. the bastard gets bummed from the silence. it comes from an two handed need for something to do and a need to be around people (but that's another post shiteyes, we're talking about the unwinding not the people thing). anyway. it usually gets worse after shot show because it's 5 days of late nights long days and hard drinking and then all of a stops. and i get into a starte. i think it got worse this year because of the extremely new highs and lows (and let's not forget that i missed out on the bacon martini) we as a team set this year on the working and drinking that the bastard has ahd a hard time coming back to reality. i think i'll be fine now shit eyes, i have stuff to do. go to bed!

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Me too. But new party Saturday!

bastard central said...

yay! the bastard feels better already

mofo said...


bastard central said...

look mo,

i'm really sorry that the majority of floridians drink out of the wrong side of the bottle but, the bastard needs his medicine. and by medicine, he means gin. oh gin, why you so hard on me?

bigbromofo said...

shall we call you bombay bastard sapphire.

dub naut

mofo said...

Reaching back to a past comment, I was 15 when i had tunnel vision after Living Colour, and my strat drinking card would be available in the hall of fame set, where I would be a 62/73, AAA stealing, and I would be a 1 on defense with a -4 arm.

I've put down countless challengers since that fateful night, by Nefertiti's ghost, that was my rookie season!

bigbromofo said...

that was a night. fetus's friend hit an RA and all hell broke loose.

bastard central said...

hall of fame set indeed. well played mo.

i remember that. i was looking across the quad when i saw that skinhead friend of his drag him out of there and he knocked him unconscious with one blow. ONE BLOW. that was a fantastic night. i so paid for it the next day

bigbromofo said...

nefertiti's ghost?

or do you mean odin's raven?

too much scotchy, scotchy scotch

dub plat