Monday, February 20, 2006

...on text

...and samarai

bas: ouch did that hurt much?

mo: how's that desk job doing chinga?

bas: i'm @ a photo shoot and slightly hung over.

mo: nah, it was like a samarai sword cut.

bas: gotcha

mo: by the way, it was a hatori hanso sword

bas: i knew it! did you take out darryl hannah's other eye? you know, the third one. for enlightment?

mo: of course

who say text messaging isn't productive.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

what the fuck happenened?!?!?!?


tell ahab to put some surgical tape in the first aid kit so you do not have to use electrical tape.

by the way, the phasing should be black, red, blue, not black, black as you have depicted. it confuses the next guy in the panel

super naut - dub plat

bastard central said...

super nut,

what did you doze? helllllloooooo. samarai sword.

bigbromofo said...

why is mofo using a samaurai sword. did he go to the deli and put his hand in the way while the guy was slicing the tomato for hos BLT?

i was commenting more on his second class first aid bandage.

you have been slippong on old posts. i have been cranking out some good one liners on some old posts but no fish are biting. we have to raise the worth of his blog above $1,693.62.

dub naut

bastard central said...

look naut,

the mofo makes no sandwiches for no hoes. he's better than that.

come one, if duct tape can be used for anything, aren't there any practical applications for electrical tape?

what the hell are you talking about

bigbromofo said...

his BLT with Buck Henry

electrical tape does not stick well to other surfaces like duct.

i am talking about the vegas extraganza posts. you were answereing them daily and then you just moved on. i had some good ones in there.

mofo said...

Another thing about texting, "add appropriate commentary" takes to long to text, I have to stop letting my education get in the way.

And to answer you're original query, SCR Romex, carpenter's knife, a slip, and a and the edge of Square D extended service meter can, which have edges that are akin to samurai swords

bastard central said...

look naut,

it's like this. i did alot of drinking in vegas. a looooooooooot of drinkin'. and some of the bastard's brain cells might have broken off and formed their own colonies. and now there is a solar system of bastard cells floating in a pool of gin somewhere plotting to stab you in the face. point is, i need a drink. other point is, i have to get the vegas stuff out and i can't comment on everything all the time. other than that, i need a drink


bigbromofo said...


ahab needs to buy you some work gloves. requistion a pair through the nickster.

i have noticed that you have a recurring theme of imbibing to excess. is there a problem?

my name is dub plat

mofo said...

His name is Nemo.

I work better without them, like a quarterback who uses hand warmer's instead of gloves.

bigbromofo said...

so you have the klein handmuff that you wear with your toolbelt?

dub naut