Saturday, February 18, 2006

this just in...

...jonny airplanes doesn't understand

"you know what i don't understand is?"

"what jon?"

"how do you guys do it?"

"do what?"

"you work 10 hour days. then you go out partying until at least 3:30 in the morning. then you're up at 7 the next day ready to do it all over again. for a week. how do you guys do it?"

"well it's really simple. you can't call in sick. the people in charge know where you've been, it's las vegas. you call in sick, there's no coverage. so the machine breaks down. if the machine breaks down, it's your ass."

besides, it's only one week a year. and i can sleep when i'm dead.

—the bastard


mofo said...

These kids just don't get it. I can't count how many times some young buck has talked a big game and then faltered when the game got rough. Every once and a while you have to come out of semi-retirement to show them how it's done.

bastard central said...

well jon knew how it was done, he's was just astounded by it. and yes i did come out to do it again and i'm a changed man for it.


Rob S. said...

face it, man. We rule.

bastard central said...

do we rule rob?

or doe we drool? i think that is more more poignant question

bigbromofo said...

hey mofo

i rememeber some nights at the kelly compound at stony brook where a yoing buck by the name mofo talked the talk and then could not walk the walk.

you never have to come out of retirement, you just have to have a reunion like the who every few years to show there is still life.


vegas or no vegas, the bills have to be paid and so on, that is why you still get up after the festivities

super naut

bastard central said...

yeah something like that. i wouldn't shite talk to mofo. the boy can keg stand with the bestest. besides, he had cancer back then. now that he beat that, he's unstoppable

bigbromofo said...

so he was second best post cancer to pre anuerysm? now post anuerysm he is top of his game? Unstoppable usually means he needs to meet Bill W.

i think the game to play is no keg stands and live from now on so he can see the ajr speedwagon and family.

big bro naut plat

bastard central said...

look naut,

it's like this, the bastard needs to slowly work his way back into the real world from the vegas world. and if he has to pass through a portal made entirely of bombay sapphire, he's gonna do it. it's for the good of humanity.

i'm sorry, i don't have the mofo's drinksball card in front of me so i can't give you his lifetime average and my strat-o-matic drinking game is in the apartment. perhaps if i consult my friends in the fantasy drunksball league, i can give you better career stats for the mo.


bigbromofo said...

you mean my strat o matic game that mofo has absconded with and used for his evil purposes.

dub naut

mofo said...

yeah io was 15 ya' punk, I've come a long way, in fact I've been through benders people only dream of, so don't try to make me look bad in front of the entire blog!

bigbromofo said...

no disrepect for the mofo

i was just laying down the history.

big bro mofo