Sunday, February 05, 2006

tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak

...or on gitmo

now the bastard will no doubt open up a can of worms with this one but, then again, the mofo really hasn't been out and about for a while as his last post was a long ass time ago so mebbe this'll shake him out of hibernation. apparently the mastermind of the bombing of the uss cole, broke out of jail.

Yemen: Planner Behind USS Cole Bombing Escapes
February 05, 2006 15 34 GMT

The person considered to be the brain behind the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole is among the 23 inmates who escaped from a Yemeni prison last week, Interpol reported Feb. 5. The international police agency said Jamal al-Badawi and 12 others from the group of 23 people who escaped via a 140-yard-long tunnel were convicted al Qaeda operatives.

now here's what the bastard is wondering. why was the guy in a yemeni prison and not a u.s. prison? it kind of makes the bastard think that maybe the idea of a place like gitmo isn't such a bad idea. not in the alleged human rights abuses because even murderous bastards should have cable tv but, putting your enemy in the clink on foreign soil kind of makes them a little more powerless. just a thought. gouge away.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...


Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out...

I think there may be some symapatheci guards in a yemen prison. a little inside job amongst towelheads. they did not need al-Badwadi's brother getting arretsed after he built the prison to break him out.

having a muslim terrorist held in a muslim prison awaiting trial by americans is like the catholic church having a secret meeting to discuss their molestation porblems and tellling the world, they will take care of it, butt out.

my question is how do these people know what mohammed looks like when they are not allowed to have pictures / portraits of him? they are rioting about pictures when they do not even know what their guy looks like. Not that we have a handle on what our guy looks like since eurpoeans have made him look like max von sydow when he is middle eastern. His hair might be a little more nappy then most WASP's are willing to allow. Maybe nell carter's portrait was correct (gimme a break).

they should also cry out this much when one of their guys cuts off a head of an innocent or blows up children in the name of allah.

Organized religion...keeping people hating others for centuries.

These nuts will never get out of the 17th century.

Bigbro mofo
dubiuos platiminous

bastard central said...

well you really need to refrain from using such choice names for the nationality of the players in this little teen drama that is the cartoon scandal. and they are acting like teenagers. but i'll take it where i can get it.

welcome to the dark side union boy.

oh, and well played with th ecatholic comment, well played

bigbromofo said...

they are not teenagers. they are the uneducated class of this world. the educated cannot say anything because tehy will be drawn and quartered. when you do not know, what people tell you is the way, becomes the way. that part of teh world has yet to have or allow a reformation / enlightenment style thought process to allow for dissent or even different ideas.

I call them as I see them. if the muslim bloggers are upset, give them my address. one thing that goes with this type of anarchy os lack of humor.

how does any group of people stop the stereotypes of their group. they stop the stereotypes and move into the mainstream.

dub plat