Monday, February 06, 2006

...on freedom

...and apparently, on how it can go to hell

you know, some days it's like shooting fish in a barrel. freedom go to hell huh? sure. ok boys lets put the stop on all of that foreign aid that we've been sending over to that god forsaken region. oh waitaminute. this is also taking place in europe too. maybe the netherlands has got the right idea. maybe they do maybe they don't. all i know is that my people got hot and bothered over piss christ by andres serrano but, nothing got set on fire. this is childish emotions run amuck into violent action and shouldn't be tolerated.

don't worry. speaking of childish emotions, we start looking for mullets tomorrow.

—the bastard


bigbromofo said...

stop all aid to these mofo's (no offense mofo) and watch their own people suffer. watch hamas try to tell people hey we need to keep blowing people up but sorry i cannot pay you for the month so starve. were sorry. see how many people decide they prefer food over anarchy.

as nikolai said bread, land, peace. even adolf pushed food before fascism before he went off the deep end.

These people will never learn because they choose not to learn. they have a different mentality because their religion offers different views and morals. the same thing happened with the VC. we as westerners could not understand the far east mentality because we are not from that area and do not follow buddha, confucius, etc which shaped their values and morals.

democracy and free thought scares those who have the most to lose.

even though operation mindcrime was in the middle of ronnie raygun's grip on morals, the songs can be used to describe any part of the world where there is no free thought.

The best i heard was abdul abdul saying we do not mind free press
but they should not make fun of religion. that is the right of free speech and press. the ability to speak one's mind and have a different opinion from sahib sahib.

of course the classsic catch 22 is w telling us we need to stop terrorism and we need to stop using their oil. terrorism is due to poverty. so lets stop their only cash crop and create more poverty so that there is even more terrorism and we can keep restrictons on freedom here and build up our military so we can bully these nations so that they hate us more and create more terrorism.

watch 24, jack bastard bauer. the plot is close to the truth.

dub plat

bastard central said...

jack bauer does bad things to bad people

bigbromofo said...

so do members of our goverment

dub plat

bastard central said...

yes, and most of them were during the clinton administration

bigbromofo said...

it started well before teh clinton adminstration. whenever you go ...oh it happened during the clinton adminstration... it sounds like the kid that just keeps going your mother to every put down.

ike's boys were just as dastardly as the rest of them. back then we felt we had the right to start a coup just to get the right guy in until everyone realized that he wasn't the nicest guy.

we have unforturnately put this all on ourselves. the whacks in iran are there because of USA putting the shah in power, our companies doing business and making the Fahd's billionaires, and so on.

dub plat