Thursday, February 23, 2006

use me

this one comes compliments of art school's man from hotlanta. art school and i started playing catch up a little ways back and this comes from a business trip she was on in india. at the time while preparing for vegas, i remarks to school that the bastard felt like his business trip was totally low brow because the nice lady went to arizona at the time and she was going to india on business.

QUICK SIDEBAR: the bastard has been hearing the call of the third world for a little bit lately and india is on the short list. yeah sure, i'll need malaria medicine but on the same token as they say in india the tonic water kills the malaria, the gin kills everything else. anyway art school, has been going to india on business and the night we met at the w, she described india to me and i found the description so spiritual (but notin the judeo christian sense) and i thought i HAVE to go there someday.

anyway, school tells me, "low brow, schmoe brow, at least you don't have to go to detroit". and she was right. so i asked her to send me pictures when she got back. of course i could have put up a picture of the taj mahal or of its beautifully intricate marblework but i decided to go with a monkey shaped garbage can. enjoy. GO ON! ENJOY!. ahhhhhh forget it.

—the bastard

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