Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Long Live Chef

It seems there has been some splitting hairs going on. It was revealed to me this afternoon during a radio show that Isaac Hayes, voice of the character Chef on South Park has quit the show because the creators (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) wrote an episode making fun of scientology, which Hayes is a member. For those of you who haven't had your head up your ass for the last nine years, South Park has gone out of its way to make fun at celebrites of all kinds, religons of all kinds, political and moral issues of all kinds, homosexuals, they've even made fun of themselves. Well Isaac felt by making fun of scientology they crossed a line, and he can no longer lend his voice to the character Chef.

I'm not going to go on a rant about this half-assed hollywood cult because that's too easy, i let the sheep take care of that. But i think there is a belief that this is the end of Chef on the show. I would hope not. I think Parker and Stone should find some outrageous way of having Chef lose his voice, or have it permanently changed via sex change, or what have you. I think Chef should live on for the sole purpose of making fun of Isaac Hayes, every episode, every chance they get to show what a titanic fucking jackass he is.

I've lost complete respect for Isaac, can you dig it?



bastard central said...


i think we speak too soon. got this one off of the hotsheets. apparently, isaac has been recovering from a stroke since january, so this might turn into the greatest rating growing hoax of the year.

mofo said...

interesting, it's not like they haven't done it before, April Fool's Day some years back. I would feel bad about dissing the truck turner if that was indeed the case. I mean, he turn's trucks!

bastard central said...

i know but we must focus our energies on this summers sleeper hit "snakes on a plane"


mofo said...

From one blaxexplotation hero to the next. "You though I'd let you live, let you get away, I got you twice."

bastard central said...

s-s-s-s-same old sixes and sevens, shaft

Rob S. said...

Hail Xenu!