Tuesday, March 14, 2006

oh and by the way...

...tv show premieres are not front page news.

the bastard was totally going to avoid talking about this because by right of doing so, i am participating and giving creedence to something i don't want to give creedence to (you know kind of like how the bastard doesn't like to talk about cindy sheehan) and you know how much i like creedence clearwater revival but, i don't believe tv show premieres belong on the front page. or the front end for that matter. newspapers have little tv sections in their papers to discuss television shows for that sort of thing.

this comes on the heels of my walk to work on friday in which the guy who wants to hand me my free am new york paper shows me james gandolfini on the front page of the paper. i initially think, "wow. they finally put that fat fuck behind bars". but, then it hits me. the sopranos were premiering over the weekend. it's a TV show for fucks sake. don't we get enough bus ads and train ads and phone booth ads and rectal probes telling us that the sopranos are going back on the air for another season of bad mafia stereotyping? come on. it's bad enough that the shrink has to inflict the new york times on me every time they do an op ed piece on marriage and what the times thinks about it. but, when i start agreeing with their findings on how more news outlets are reporting less news, i have to pipe up. it really came to a head for me when i started seeing the same marketing campaign for big love. now i like bill paxton and i've dug chloe sevingy since i saw her in tree's lounge but, with all of the bus ads, train ads, and reviews in the tv section of the paper, we don't need the kind of gorilla marketing used to promote the show. you see, hbo took out an ad in the times wedding announcements section announcing the wedding of bill paxton and his 3 wives. actually, that's pretty brilliant gorilla marketing now that the bastard thinks of it. but it sure as hell isn't news.

—the bastard

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