Friday, March 31, 2006

...on relavence

...or why do we even give this mediocre band (and i use that term loosely) any kind of attention at all

so the bastard was logging onto the ao hell this evening to clean ou the daily crapload of spam when this comes on the banner. "hey bastard, wht the hell do you have some wack ass internet like aol?" well i'll tell you sunshine because i get it for free. anyway this crap comes on the banner when i log on and i wonder to myself rather than out loud because the boy is with me, "why the hell so we pay attention to that batshit crazy monkey headed natalie maines and her two cohorts?" now i realize that growing up and spending my entire life in new york city in country music circles s tantamount to growing up in the same bubble some hayseed did when he asks where the empire state building is and it's right there stupid, just look up! anyway, the dixie chicks fell out of favor when they bit the middle american hand that feeds them by talking crap about the president while the twin towers were still on fire or something like that. i forget and i just don't care enough to look it up. i would if i did but, while the dixie chicks baffle me by still existing in our cultural lexicon i can't do it. but, still and all, why the hell do we give this group any creedence. they don't even make good country music and they since they "left" the country music scene behind, they sure as hell ain't going to make any decent rock music. good luck with that ladies.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Dude, here's what the Dixie Chick said way back when:

"Just so you know, we're ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas."

That's it, man. And people went fucking berserk. Like they were goddamn traitors for expressing an opinion that, when looked at rationally, is pretty damn innocuous.

I just don't see what's so batshit crazy about that. Had Gore won, I've no doubt Toby Kieth or Charlie Daniels would've said something similar.

And they got death threats and their albums were burned, all because of one offhand statement at a show. All because of Bush and his Repug raider's coordinated assault on our freedom of speech.

It's something we have to fight against, whether we like the guy in power or not. If one administration successfully stifles freedom of speech in a certain way, the next one, Republican or Democrat, will most likely keep that going. Becuase it makes their job go smoother. Once one gets away with it, it's precedent. Once two get away with it, it's tradition.

And while there were no laws passed demonizing the Dixie Chicks, the flames were certainly fanned by the culture of fear the President's administration thrives on.

They HAVE to speak out, and YOU have to, and I have to. Freedom of speech is a "use ot or lose it" proposition. And I'm certainly glad they used it, when far too many people were afraid to.

bastard central said...

rob i'm not debating what they said. i'm debating their cultural relevance. they were a half assed country act that probably benefitted from the incident in some way. it prolonged their career for a couple more years. well, maybe it cost them a shit ass sitcom on the WB a la reba mcintyre. i believe that they were entitled to say what they say, i wouldn't say otherwise. and hell, i think charlie daniels is batshit crazy too but "the devil went down to georgia" holds so much more water 20 years down the pipe than any forgettable ditty those 3 cranked out.

besides, you know i likes the bat shit and i was looking for an excuse to call natalie maines monkey face. because she looks like a goddam monkey

Rob S. said...

I guess I'm touchy about them, 'cause they really got the shaft a few years ago. But there are plenty of lame music acts out there. Why not Ashlee Simpson or hell, I dunno. No one's questioning Death Cab for Cutie's relevance. It's all entertainment -- even the political stuff, and you either like it or you don't, I guess.

bastard central said...

middle america gave faith hill the shaft when she cut her hair. middle america is real funny about change and i'm not talking about all of it. but there is enough people like that that gives weight to what they do and who they shaft.

at the end of the day, it was the splash screen when i logged on last week that i captured and put up here. i can't wait until britney comes out with something but it'll sound alot like this post only with a few additions and omissions

i actually haven't really gotten on board with death cab for cutie but the new pornographers got game.