Wednesday, March 29, 2006

...on the trickle down theory

the bastard is a big fan of the pop culture and while i feel that i don't need to link to this item, i still feel compelled to do so...this time. mostly because it's the kind of homeless man schtick that actually gets me to donate to their slow ride down that road to ruin.

—the bastard


mofo said...

I've always said you have to reward the ingenuity, like the dude who got me after a St. John's game. After saying that I was pretty bad off myself, he said to while taking off his hat and revealing his bald head that he had lost all his hair worrying about the game, that was worth all the change in my pocket.

But I think we can all agree, love your president or not, that once and for all Reaganomics does not work, so why do they keep trying to bribe us with tax cuts?

bastard central said...

well i can't necessarily agree with a blanket statement like that since reagan is dead and we have alot of other little factors involved in that statement but then again i think you only get 250 words or so anyway in the comments window or some crap.

but those tax cuts did pay some of the bastard's bills

mofo said...

Yes, those bills that were more expensive because you can't fight a war when you cut taxes. In fact you can't do anything if expect big business to lower their prices because they got a gigantic tax break. Wake up, for god's sakes, it's embarrassing.

bastard central said...

those bills are more expensive because the standard of living increases exponentially over the course of time. my bills were smaller and subsequently smaller was my salary when i was youunger and had less responsibilities and less to pay for. now i have more to pay for and i spend more because i have 1 rent and 2 cable bills and 2 car insurance bills and sometimes 2 grocery bills and so on and so forth. that isn't bush's fault. i spent an ev ening drinking in manhattan last night drinking with my friends and everytime i went to the bathroom i overheard some conversation from some chucklehead talking about the brownstone they are buying in park slope so it sometimes come down to a question of means. a lot of the financial factors in play here (tax cuts and spending aside) are the federal reserve's sphere of influence. i'm sure it's very frustrating to live in a state full of bushies but, you can't just go around declaring that it's this and it's that when you have a completely different and perhaps slightly shorter list of financial responsibilties.