Wednesday, March 29, 2006


"let me tell ya somethin', it is sooooooo fockin' good to speak with you. i am having such a hot time talkin' ta you."

well, so long as you're having a hot time

—the bastard


jimmy3000 said...

Yo bastage!
We never got those "Our Pimp Hand is Strong" t-shirt stand off the ground.

When you go that fast; you feels it!

bastard central said...

you know jim,

you have a point there. i was just thinking about my solution to our immigration reform problems and a brand spanking new

"America, Our Pimp Hand Is Strong"

t-shirt would be ideal for counter protests. i'll get right on it.

mofo said...

Hey, I got some t-shirt ideas too, like, "Why Not Satan?"

Now that's hot.

bastard central said...

totally hot. and why not satan. god has had way too much of a stranglehold on religion in this country anyway. sniff. snif. you smel something burning?

mofo said...

I've just gotten sick of all the bumper stickers and what not I see down here about Jesus this and Jesus that, I mean, I just don't think Jesus would aprrove of this nonsense. He was kind of like one of those bands that chose to stay on the periphery of stardom because they think they are too important to be mass-produced and hencforth misunderstood--oops, I just unraveled all of Christianity, sorry. Forget I even said anything.

bastard central said...

so you're saying that eddie vedder is the second coming? i'm confused. what does that make the mooney suzuki? oh yea i know, that makes them the greatest ripper offers of a parliament funkadelic song