Sunday, March 26, 2006

...on the trilogy

...or the bastard has a problem with star wars these days

so the boy and i have been playing star wars battlefront II lately which is a 1st or 3rd person version of any battle that could have possibly taken place in all 6 movies which mind you, makes the second trilogy of the films much easier to digest. there is no jar jar and you can spend the whole time as any one of a vairirty of storm troopers blowing crap up. good times. yesterday afternoon, the boy and i discovered a mode in which you can play all of the heroes against all of the villains. which is good.

my problem is this, the music. along with having a greatest hits of all six movies heroes and villains because hell, who doesn't want to kill mace windu using boba fett (okay, i think i've just stepped into very geeky territory here, kill me now), the sequence includes all of the music from the movies. when lucas remastered 4,5, and 6 he included things like a remastered jabba the hut which helped the story in 4 but then again he also had greedo shooing first in the mos eisley bar (which he later corrected in another remastered version, go figure). but in episode 6 (return of the jedi), he rematers this scene in jabba the hut's palace that comes complete with the max rebo band (which in the theatrical release was just a bunch of puppet)in full motion...performing a song. and it sucked so badly. and this song plays about every 10 minutes in the sequence of the game. this reminds me that films shouldn't be treated like a work in progress. once it's done, it's done. clena it up if you want but, don't add shit just for the sake of adding it. it takes away from the product. i think it was cezanne who painted a still life for a man and sold it to him. 3 years later he shows up on that man's doorstep, palette in hand. the man asks cezanne what he's doing there and he responds, "i just had an idea". and he proceeds to walk into this man's house and alter the painting right there. now there's a certain level of coolness assocaited with this kind of behavior because it's the stuff of artistic legends. but what old georgey boy did make sme question whether or not i would let my child view this piece of my childhood in it's present form. who knows, after he's dead, maybe his kids'll fix it.

—the bastard

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