Sunday, March 26, 2006

...on saint pat's...better late than never

...or how the bastard should call 3 posts on a sunday the weekend wrapup

anyway, the bastard realizes that it's a whole week and change since saint patrick's day but since i have the time today, and apparently an abundance of material, i would opine on this pick i took on the 17th on 33rd street.

scoop had urged me to not take 33rd street to penn station due to the fact that there is three irish bars on one side of the street and a larger drinking establishment across the street as part of the hotel pennsylvania. ignoring scoop's warnings i went down 33rd anyway to catch this piece of blurry gold. this dear friends, is why the bastard tends to not celebrate saint paddy's day. i realize that i am only part irish which makes me more irish than alot of people that put on a green plastic hat and make an ass of themselves on this day but, between scoop telling her eyewitness account of seeing two 17ish boys puking into a lexington avenue subway station, and the inimitable JDF telling me his nose witness account of the delicious smell of vomit in and around grand central station (and that's not including the bums), and this lovely passed out paragon of virtue, the bastard now feels he can just drop his pants and walk across town to penn station and not be nearly an embarassment to his people as some others could be.

—the bastard

i'm thinking i might do a weekend wrapup one of these days. it was a good week for material and since i didn't take notes, it's kinda lost so maybe i'll start on that one day.

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