Sunday, April 16, 2006

beer can

once upon a time the bastard went to high school. in my first year and a half of high school i took the bus with mike chives. chives was one of those people who would insult you all the time as a means of personal elevation. it was something symptomatic in the neighborhood. chuck would insult everyone even though he was bigger and more likeable (until you figured his ass out) than most but he still needed to insult you in order to make himself appear bigger. chives was one of those people too except he wasn't allowed to play with chuck after a certain point or he grew tired of chuck's crap, the same way i did and the elder did. but the disease of the father perpetrates itself onto the son and mike chives engaged in the same kind of cut down as chuck did. so it was no surprise that the bastard found a better route and another insulting friend to pal around with and mike chives was surprised when in the spring of sophomore year i started to cut him up. it was more of a jocks versus non jocks thing and crap like that. but atr the time chives was the only person i knew who knew drinking things and this pic reminded me of him. one day before school, we were waiting for the bus when he was describing to me how if you drank a can of beer through a straw quickly, you would get drunk faster. i never tried it. it just seemed unnecessary to me since there was usually another can or bottle nearby. either way, i saw the can, thought of mike and thought about where he is now. in north carolina. still fat. still has that stupid look on his face. maybe he's drinking bud through a straw. don't really care. it left my head as soon as it entered my head but, there you go.

—the bastard

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