Sunday, April 16, 2006

...on our tax dollars

y'see? i had you going there for a minute. you thought i was going to go on a rant. but i'm not. too bad. actually i went to the cradle of aviation museum yesterday with the boy and (apptly so) jonny airplanes. the cradle of aviation museum can be the museum of industry that used to be on long island as we as a people while not wanting power plants in our posh neighborhoods (not in my backyard) we don't like our weapons factories there either. oh well, when folks complain about the lack of manufacturing jobs in this country, i think of how the grumman plant is an empty parking lot where friends of mine went to go make out in after it was closed down because of it's seclusive qualities and how the parking lot of the lockheed martin offices in lake success sat empty the entire time i worked in manhasset (7 years almost).

official transport of the lindberg baby kidnapping

bi-plane. the bastard thinks it should be allowed to marry whomever it wants

the a-10 thunder bolt. used in both iraq conflicts. big and ugly

means what is says. says what it means

f-14 tomcat. highway to the danger zone. top gun is my favorite gay film. moreso than torch song trilogy and love! valor! compassion! combined.

"maverick! i still think that you're dangerous. but, you can be my wingman anytime" sooooo hot.

i used to love raiding the elder's stash of nat geo world magazines (now known as nat geo world for kids if you want a subscription) for the blue angel's issue. this was the coolest plane to the bastard when he was a child and i still get a charge out of seeing this dilapidated piece of machinery when i go here. you know what the crying shame is, this museum is in danger of being closed

anyway, happy day after tax day and happy easter as i run some pix from what can also be referred to the museum of how our tax dollars paid for some cool ass airplanes that bailed us out in world war two. and speaking of pictures, the nice lady now has a web site for her photography business and i put it in the links so enjoy some far and away better pictures than the bastard can crank out with his camera phone jerk. so enjoy. go on. enjoy!

—the bastard

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