Thursday, April 27, 2006

...on brothers

"hey brother"


"can you spare a brother a dollar?"

"excuse me, if you were my brother you would be at work right now earning that dollar and not stinking up penn station asking for one."

—the bastard


mofo said...

Hey, brother can you spare a dollar, or 5,000?

bastard central said...


if i had a dollar it would go towards a cup of java.

if i had 5,000 dollars i wouldn't be sleeping in a frikkin basement

mofo said...

Of course not, you'd be driving down here to give it to me, you know, as reparations.

bastard central said...

reparations my ass. you are gonna make me post about the scar on your face, ain'tcha?

last i looked on the dinner reparations scale you still owe my people but, i forego it in the interest of the greater economic good