Sunday, April 30, 2006

...on development

you know the weirdest thing about running into people you haven't seen in 15 years is how you fall into old behaviors. vanderveer's sister hand asked after the mofo and i called the mofo up to get his picture sent this way. the mofo promptly asked me to never call him during the west wing. anyway, i had to call and explain this to him afterwards and this would have been more of a post script to the wake but the conversation instead turned into a discussion on this amex commercial featuring wes anderson that we had both watched. many props to turbanhead for pointing this at me as the bastard tries to go here periodically for my weekly dose of all things indian. so if you get the chance. go there and read up or just go to the damn amex commercial. it's bloody good stuff.

the conversation turned into 20 minutes of discussing the creative process in a funeral home parking lot and the end sum gain might be really good later on down the line but, the process is funny. i came away from wanting to write something really heartfelt and a really decent about what i had just experienced and i realize that writing for me works just like graphic design. it never comes out looking like it did in my minds eye. oh well, that's the creative process for you.

—the bastard

UPDATE: i just watched this thing for the fifth time and i want to see this movie get made. come on. it's got jason schwartzman and vicram from the life aquatic in it. and it'll have a .357 with a bayonet attached. who can't get on board with that?

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