Monday, May 01, 2006

trail zombie

have you ever had one of those mornings that started at 2 am when you went to bed followed by waking up like you've been shot out of a cannon? you get on the train and some guy is yelling across the car how he'll be living off of my tax dollars in 9 years when he retires and moves to maryland and then details to his friend how it works. have you ever had that? have you ever been sitting in your seat when someone gets on and you know she wants to do the right thing by leaving as much room on the folding seat next to her but it's at the expense of someone else comfort because her fucking carcass is just too damn big for that sort of charity? so much so that it prevents that someone from having a much needed nap on his/her commute only to find that fatso actually fell asleep and you can't because your spine is in a position that it wasn't meant to be in? yeah? me too.

—the bastard

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guile said...

i can relate..