Monday, May 01, 2006

...on being john malkovich

actually, this is probably the most misleading title ever because i'm not talking about the movie. but i was just reading this interview in this week's new york magazine with malkovich and i came across this quote that reminded me of why i love his outside of film persona more than the roles he plays. his candor always impresses me.

NY: The last time you made headlines was a few years back, before you left Paris and everyone was debating the Iraq war. I recall you calling French officials “cheese-eating surrender monkeys.”

JM: Well, what I have to say in France, I say in France. And if I say something to say here, I say it here. Right now, I don’t have much to say. Every country has their problems. Utopia means elsewhere.

utopia means elsewhere. i love that.

—the bastard

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