Friday, April 14, 2006

...on kids

...and the adults who despise them

so the bastard was coming in late today due to a late night collision course with the theatre and when i hit the connector, i had scored a sweet seat and hunkered down for some crash time. it didn't quite work out that way. a mother was on the train with her two kids and one of them, the younger one, a boy was enunciating his observations with headphones on. i really wished he wouldn't do that and it stopped eventually. cool. and the mother got the message to mute her phone when she happened to be looking in my general direction when it went off and my eyes clicked open wide. cool. the kid kept talking and that was alright. he was taking a train trip with his mom and his voice went down easier without him shouting so i hunkered back down.

getting off the train this adult couple get up and the woman starts bitching about how the kid wouldn't shut up. quite audibly. facing the mom and her kids. you know, the bastard understands that there are people in this world who don't like kids, or don't want to have kids but unless the kid is poking you in the arm or directly inconveniencing you, shut the hell up. oh and complaining about it in a passive aggressive way, loudly, from 5 rows away while people are getting off of the train shows that you've got no spine, shiteyes. cheap shot. then again, one could argue that this entire blog is a cheap shot. but it's my cheap shot. so go to hell. i need eye drops now.

—the basatard

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