Monday, April 03, 2006

...on packs

...and stoop drinking

we are inherently no different than alot of pack animals. horses need a sense of community. gorillas, chimps and other great apes all hang together too. it's something that's hard wired into us i believe. so last week when it was finally warm enough and the sun was going down later, the bastard suggested the idea of going out for a drink and suggests it to the pack. jerkface says he's tired and maybe we can do it on friday. the bastard says he can't, he wants to see his boy on friday but left hand rob gets the bug and falls in. dj paulie brooklyn sees this as a good idea and in dj paulie fashion, he calls up his close friends so that they can go drinking that night. mind you, he thought it was a good night for a drink but, not with us, with his own friends. at least he never bullshits us either way so you can't really play the detractor in this case. can't do it but, it's stll funny that it drives him to go as far away from his coworkers as possible when the idea of hanging out comes up in conversation. anyway, we go and have ourselves some rooftop drinkign down the street. it's the closest thing to the stoop the bastard has had in a while. you see, back in the day, the bastard's crew would assemble on thursday nights to have a drink on the stoop. now as one gets older, old things go away and give way to new rituals and new responsibilites. nothing ever stays gold pony boy. either way, it's nice to have the wind on my face again while drinking with friends.

on the way home the bastard and left hand rob part ways and i have to wait for my train. i gets a smoothy. while doing so i hold up a support beam and some character seems to be hurling himself against the other side of it with a loud clang. hey, whatever lifts your skirt, mary. when i'm done i walks over to the garbage to dump my cup and turn around to find this character against the pole where i just was. maybe he was looking for a warm spot to lean against because the spot he was on (just 3 feet away) was too cold. so i snap his picture and he goes away to find another pole. the first shot didn't come out so good, so i took this at his newer perch. people get really uncomfortable when strange bald men in trench coats take their picture. either way i had my spot back back. my little piece of real estate while i waited for my smelly 10 car ride back to planet craptastica.

—the bastard

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