Thursday, May 25, 2006

apparently magazines do make themselves

Upon the conclusion of "Lost"--

Mofo- the more answers we recieve the more questions we have.
Bas- Dude, I so drunk. What's up.
Mofo- Sorry. Lost. You didn't see it? I go to bed.

Upon turning on my phone this morning (ever since the ex called me at 3am EST from the Hollywood Bowl to hear the Stones do "You Can't Always Get What you Want" I've been in the habit of turning the phone off before sleeping.)-

Bas- I will watch it when I get home. Was is it good?
Mofo- After last night it is a completely different show. Pure genius. You haven't watched it?
Bas- Not yet. Got home late but called in sick so I will this afternoon.

Just goes to show ya', magazines can make themselves.


1 comment:

bastard central said...

jeez. the one hangover i get all year...ok two and i get to hear it from you. good thing i finished the magazine yesterday