Thursday, May 25, 2006

art is everywhere you look...jerkface

so every now and again, the mofo sends me little pictures of things he sees. by the by, i'm still waitng for your dissetation on miami. anyway i get this.

BAS: nice crapper

MO: have u ever noticed the little man that lives under the commode?

BAS: i notice the pipes are very giger-esque

MO: it looks like his feet can touch the ground

you know, the bastard has always wondered why h.r. giger never bothered to make a toilet. i mean he's made chairs, bar interiors, he even sells jewelry of some of his work. but to date, i don't think he's ever done a toilet. i wonder.

—the bastard


mofo said...

For the record, the feet not touching the ground was about the boy on the motorbike of yours. you had sent me a picture of that whihle we were discussing comodes. That's texting for ya'! I believe the next real devastating conflict this planet will see will be over a mis-interpreted test message, Chirac sends a sarcastic message to Dubya, Dubya takes its literally next thing you know, Toby Keith is doing a song about how the french suck and how he jerks off to the american flag. Cause you know he does.

bastard central said...

actually the french will send a missile to springfield and comic book guys last words will be, "i've wasted my life"

bastard central said...

besides, i had to clean out my inbox the other day. might have lost some pieces of conversation

mofo said...

Snake Eyes will thwart their plans, GO JOE!

bastard central said...

you know, on a completely different note, peter stormare is becoming my favorite satan in films as i watch constantine for th eumpteenth time