Friday, May 26, 2006

A Public Service

If you're not listening to the Arctic Monkeys then you're listening to nothing important. I picked up there record like three or four months back and I thought I was jum,ping on a band wagon, "this shit is so good" I thought, "they got to be huge!" Turns out I've been driving the wagon. Well, they're playing Roseland on June 14th in NYC, if you're there go see them, I can't I'm stuck in 'Cane Central until the week after when I'll be touring for the week of 6/20-6/25 making the rounds though the boroughs including 6/23 at Doc Holidays. If you hit the show get me a t-shirt xl, if not come get drunk onm the 23rd. AS for the 'Monkeys' Check out their videos on the band site, I'm sure the bastard (aka dick bastardly) will oblige us with the link, he's the technological one of us. While yer at it check out Brakes as well if you haven't already. It'll do yer body good.


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