Friday, May 26, 2006

...on blackjacks

...and fishbowls

"so did you sweat out all of that gin yesterday"

"yeah i did not do well yesterday. i woke up not feeling good. took a shower and felt worse. emptied the contents of my stomach and called you"

"you didn't even sound like you"

"i was lying on my back, near death"

and that was how the conversation went with the k, my design director who had the dubious honor of knowing why the bastard wasn't at work yesterday. i mena the evening started off inncently enough. 2 hours of free drinks in exchange for justice passing out some flyers for brother jimmy's bbq. this then was followed up with some really tasty carolina bbq.

QUICK SIDEBAR: the difference between north carolina style bbq is that in the north, the sauce has a more vinegary base to it whereas in south carolina, the sauce has a more mustardy base to it. since this isn't texas, the main ingredient is pork whereas in texas, it's beef.END

so i settled down with some hush puppies with maple butter and we're good. pulled pork, south carolina style and all faired well. key lime pie? still cruisin. 4th gin and tonic? we're not hurtin' yet.

"snowman, whatchudrinkinmahn?"

"abita turbodog"

"canigehtwonnadoze pleeze?"

that's where it started to go horribly wrong for me. it didn't help that snowman ordered two fishbowls full of liquor. then it went horribly wrong. damn fishbowls

—the bastard

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