Monday, May 08, 2006

...on the gig line

you know, you learn something new everyday. while shooting some clothing for selling guns and crap monthly, jonny airplanes who was posing mentions something about checking his gig line and i had to ask, "hey, what's a gig line?"

"the gig line is the line where you line up your zipper with your belt and your shirt line. had to do it to pass inspection every morning in the navy."

well there you go. you learn something new everyday. the shoot went okay too. the feature will look real different. sometimes you just want your little b to b magazine to look like a newstand book. i guess everyone has their hobbies.

—the bastard


mofo said...

Did you get any shots with the Bad Boy Bag? In all seriousness that shot brought back that memory in a nansecond flash.

bastard central said...

no but oddly enough, jon did bring a bad boy bag with shoes and shaving gear. you can't wear casual clothing with a beard.